The Correct Plan - The Correct Results

I. The Company Objectives

  • Putt Real Estate will provide you the highest possible dollar value for your property in the lease amount of time.
  • Putt Real Estate will provide you the best possible methods of exposing your property to all potential buyers in the market.
  • Putt Real Estate will provide all qualified buyers the opportunity to view your home until it is sold.
  • Putt Real Estate will provide you bi-weekly results of all activities on your home.

II. The Company Marketing Plan 

  • Putt Real Estate will develop a property profile of your property.
  • Putt Real Estate will arrange for a tour of your home by all company agents.
  • Putt Real Estate will suggest and advise you as to any changes you may want to make in your property to make it even more marketable.
  • Putt Real Estate will constantly update you as to any changes in the market both in prices and interest rates.
  • Putt Real Estate will place a FOR SALE sign in your yard and inform neighbors that the property is for sale.
  • Putt Real Estate's listing agent will immediately prepare an advertisement for the local Homes Magazine and take a picture of your property for the office gallery and potential placement in the marketing of your home.
  • Putt Real Estate may arrange for an Open House if so needed.
  • Putt Real Estate will present you with a professional sales aggrement designed to protect all your interests.
  • Putt Real Estate will represent you upon the presentation of all contracts and help in negotiating the highest possible price.
  • Putt Real Estate will provide, on a timely basis, all necessary settlement papers to attorneys, mortgage lenders and others as needed.
  • Putt Real Estate will make arrangements with attorneys on final closing date and transfer of keys.

716 Church Street

Indiana, PA 15701


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