Indiana Boro, the county seat of Indiana County, offers progressive government, outstanding education, and modern health care facilities. It is located approximately 1 hour's driving time from Pittsburgh. Since its incorporation in 1816, Indiana has continued to flourish and emerge as the outstanding community it is today. Residents may take advantage of the three shopping malls, a downtown shopping district, thirty churches, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Much of Indiana County's success is due in part to the diversification of its industries. Coal and natural gas are two sources of mineral wealth which provide employment opportunities. 

    Much of the bituminous an lignite coal mined here goes directly into one of the area's four electrical generating stations which supply power to the North Eastern part of the United States. Christmas trees and farming play a large role in the economy of the area along with several industrial facilities.

    Education plays an important part in the economy and life of the people of Indiana. Indiana University of Pennsylvania has grown from a student enrollment of 250 in 1875 to an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 13,000 in 1985. The university offers many fine academic, cultural, and recreational programs for the community of Indiana.

    Indiana Countians are proud of the local structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Buildings included are the 1870 Italianate Victorial former courthouse building now used as a bank, John Sutton Hall on the IUP campus, and the stately home of Silas Clark that today houses the Indiana County Historical and Genealogical Society.

    Four major highways and regular rail service link Indiana County with the rest of the state. Indiana County's airport, located just outside Indiana Boro, can now accommodate medium-sized jets and is currently planning for future expansion. The Indiana County transit authority operates regular in-county routes for residents. Downtown parking is made convenient at our four-level parking garage.

    Indiana County possesses all of the ingredients essential for continued growth and prosperity. We are proud of our county and the residents that make up its population.

716 Church Street

Indiana, PA 15701


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