Follow These Steps on Every Purchase You Make

Before Making A Purchase:

  • Compare prices. Advertised price savings can often be misleading. Check other prices for the same product or service available elsewhere.
  • Determine Company policies. Can you return a purchased item if you are dissatisfied? If so, under conditions? If you sign a contract, can you cancel it if you are unhappy with you services? If so, is there a penalty? Get all policies in writing.
  • Read your contract and sales order. Does your written sales order or contract detail clearly and exactly the product you wish to buy or the service to be provided?
  • Read your warranty. Is your warranty clear and specific? Do you have a written copy? Do you know if it includes workmanship, labor and materials? How long does it last? Can the company cancel your warranty under certain conditions?
  • Get all understandings in writing. Quite simply, oral promises do not hold up. If someone promises you something, he or she should be willing to put it in writing.
  • Check on the company's reliability. Ask for customer references. Utilize word of mouth recommendations. Check your local library for product comparison reports. Call the Better Business Bureau.
  • Don't be pressured. Use careful and deliberate judgment in all purchases. Think about potential problems which can arise after your purchase. Do not buy until you are satisfied with all answers to your questions.

After Your Purchase: 

  • Follow proper use and care instructions for products. Inspect all delivered products immediately.
  • Inspect repairs or services after all work has been completed.
  • If trouble develops, report it to the company immediately. Confirm your report of the trouble to the company by letter. Include names of people you spoke to, times, dates and other relevant information. Retain a copy of the letter.
  • Retain all written information and documents relating to your purchase.

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