Throughout the past 100 years, since its establishment in 1875, Indiana University of Pennsylvania has demonstrated foresight and flexibility in meeting the needs of a changing society. Indiana University known for years as a teacher-training institution now encompasses nine schools and thirty-nine departments.

      Ownership and control of the school passed to the Commonwealth in 1920. In the 1960's Indiana established off-campus centers in Punxsutawney and Kittanning. In December, 1965, Indiana was redesignated the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with the right to expand its curricular offerings and to grant degrees at the doctoral level.

    Indiana is frequently described as one of the most beautiful campuses within Pennsylvania's university system. The main campus, surrounded by the historic Oak Grove, includes 95 acres and 78 major buildings, nearly half of them constructed in the last ten years. Also included are seven athletic fields including two field houses, two swimming pools, modern library, auditorium, theater, health center, and John Sutton Hall, a federally registered historical landmark built in 1875 as the campus' first building. The university also provides a 280-acre University Recreation Park, a haven for skiers, hikers, boaters, campers, joggers, and skaters.

     There are more than 100 majors offered within the university. Majors range from the traditional - philosophy, history, and English - to highly technical fields such as respiratory therapy, accounting, safety sciences, computer science, and management information systems. IUP has been nationally acclaimed as among the nation's academic best universities. BARRON'S GUIDE TO THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS COLLEGES, Second Edition, 1982, listed IUP among the 227 most academically competitive colleges and universities in the nation. The consumer magazine CHANGING TIMES, has twice identified IUP as one of only fifty U.S. colleges and universities with high academic standards but tuition and fees below the national average. The School of Continuing Education at IUP is meeting the needs of adults that are returning to the classroom. The School provides programs for non-traditional students aimed at upgrading employment capabilities, developing personal interest areas, and meeting community needs.

     IUP offers the Indiana community an endless number of cultural and recreational activities which contribute to our citizens' quality of life. 

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716 Church Street

Indiana, PA 15701


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